Our Story

Our Story

He loves telling stories through his camera and she revels in complementing it though the magic of her words. Chasing Light Fotography was started by third generation photographer Ankush Dewesar in 2010 and was later joined by life partner Ekatmata.

The harmonizing effect of the two together flows into a perfect blend required for a good photograph. His captivating images and her words to it, paints the whole picture in a new light. A visual imagery that stays with the viewer forever! The Delhi-based husband and wife team specialises in luxurious niche weddings, high-end Interiors and architecture and food photography.

While, Ekatmata comes with an experience of above a decade in lifestyle journalism with India's popular newspaper and magazines. Ankush's photographs have been published in India's top-notch magazines and online media. He comes from a family of photographers established since 1952. This illustrious graph gives them an upper edge than any other photographers in the country.

This photo-journalistic duo documents photographs that truly touch your heart and soul. Their aim is to approach each project from their unique perspective and love for carefree and joy living. Be it weddings, architecture, food or beyond, their work is an extension of their hearts and home. We are addicted to stories and love.

That's our story. We are really looking forward to hear your story. Write to us without obligation via the contact form.

Ankush Dewesar

Hailing from a family of professional photographers Kewal Sons, a family who has always passionate about the art of clicking. Photography came naturally to Ankush. His childhood was spent absorbing his father and grandfather’s extraordinaire photography skills. While he was nurtured as skilful photographer, now he proudly takes the legacy forward through Chasing Light Fotography. When not chasing light behind the camera, he is found chasing snooker balls on his favourite green table.

As Ankush Dewesar puts it rightly,“ As times changed, technology changed, cameras changed, the lineage was passed on to me. I am the third generation in my family carrying the miraculous art of photography through my eyes. I have been raised listening to the tales of black and white photography era and Kodak reel camera’s that took days to develop photos. They consider our generation lucky and blessed to receive the DSLR’s, ‘you blink and voila you get your photo’, the digital cameras and phone cameras. But, I believe, I am blessed with ‘golden adages’ of my family’s knowledge about camera technicalities, intricacies, lighting that have been unchanged since the camera was invented. Also, I ensure to keep myself updated with the latest camera technology inventions everyday.”


Ekatmata’s decade long journey as lifestyle journalist has helped her view life in a larger and finer perspective. While on shoots, she directs, visualizes and composes a visual imagery and chases it till it doesn’t appeal her senses. Her styling skills too contribute for a picture-perfect shot. When not shooting with her husband, she is found quenching her thirst for writing on art and travel for artculturfestival.in and wherelse.in. If not on her writing desk, you may find her decoding a painting at an art gallery or enjoying a kathak performance or may be witnessing a thoughtful play.



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